Thursday, December 13, 2012

7 Steps to Mastering Social Media

Social Media is not a free marketing tactic.  It is important to remember that your time is valuable!  Here are 7 easy tips to make sure that you are getting the most out of the time you spend promoting your business on social media:

1.  List Your Business Activities
   What is your plan for your business this year?  Break that
   down quarterly, then develop your social media strategy to
   help promote your business plans.  For example, in this
   quarter are you hosting an event and want people to sign up,
   running a seasonal special on your services, etc.

2.  Define Your Goals
   Knowing your goals will direct how you execute your social
   media plan and will make it easier to measure your ROI.  If you
   are hosting an event, you can list the event on Facebook, blog
   and tweet about it, invite your group members from LinkedIn
   to all sign up on your Facebook site.  Then, you can measure
   your ROI by the number of RSVP's.

3.  Target Your Audience
   Having a specific audience allows you to target which groups
   to join, what information to post and what tone to adapt.  By
   being specific and relevant, your audience will be more likely to
   connect and respond.

4.  Be Brief & Relevant
   There is only a little space to say a lot, so keep it brief.  Don't
   just post or tweet to be in front of people, make sure that
   what you are saying is relevant to your audience.  Being
   relevant and helpful is crucial to gaining trust and inspiring

5.  Create a Social Media Calendar
   Once you have your promotions, goals and audience set, put
   channels organized.  That way, you can easily manage a blog
   posting on Monday with a Twitter announcement, a Facebook
   and LinkedIn status update on Tuesday, a discussion starter to
   your LinkedIn groups on Wednesday and so on.

6.  Don't Forget Your Call To Action
   Don't ever forget to tell your audience what you want them to
   do, like Call Now!  Visit our Website! Read Our Lasted Blog!
   Respond to this post!  Calls to action motivate your audience
   to get involved and connect with you.

7.  Rinse and Repeat
   Repeat these steps for each quarter.  Don't expect your time
   on social media channels to decrease as you become more
   savvy.  Instead, look for your interaction with your audience
   to become more sophisticated, bringing in more clients and a
   measurable ROI.


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